the cooperative ESCo


Governments can have different reasons for a structured and sustainable development of property: 1. Value. The value of the building stock is declining. 2. Climate. The users experienced enough comfort. 3. Costs. The operating costs are increased by (i) increasing energy prices and (ii) maintenance. 4. Sustainability. Ask your stakeholders a better energy label. 5. Knowledge and resources. You have insufficient knowledge and (financial) resources.

The most appropriate approach to: (i) increase value, (ii) improve the comfort, (iii) control costs, and (iv) upgrade the energy label are:

(I) measures: wall insulation, external wall insulation, roof insulation, HE glass, energy efficient lighting, Heat Pump, Solar, PV panels; (II) the creation of an “own” Energy Service Company, a public private partnership.


Het Stadhuis van Sittard is een van de eerste ESCo projecten in Nederland
Escoplan is your partner in establishing and managing of municipal ESCo’s.