the cooperative ESCo

housing association.

Housing associations are facing different developments: 1. Value. By decreasing WOZ values ​​rents under pressure. 2. Housing costs. The housing costs of tenants are increasing due to rising energy prices. 3. Costs. The maintenance costs rise. 4. Sustainability. Stakeholders require a sustainable energy label.

Sustainable renovation to: (i)  increase value, (ii) improve the comfort, (iii) control costs, and (iv) the energy label upgrade can with: wall insulation, external wall insulation, roof insulation, HE glass, energy efficient lighting, Heat Pump, Solar, PV panels

External Wall Insulation in combination with energy savings creates a positive business case. The European project ECOLISHhas  been shown that 70% of investment in the building envelope is reflected in the increased value of the homes.


voor renovatie van gebouwschil
impressie na renovatie