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Stadhuis te Sittard. winnaar Greenlight Award 2003

Stadhuis te Sittard

EPC with Financial Lease at the City Hall in the city Sittard (Netherlands)
Project Framework
-Office building
-Useable floor area 5.600 m²
-Volume 16.750 m3
-0.2 million €/a heat and electricity costs
Initial situation:
1.high annual energy costs
2.obsolete lighting
3.poor light quality
4.malfunctioning cooling
Goals and Measures
1.Sample low-energy building
2.Reduce annual energy costs
3.Improving indoor climate
4.Replace out of date equipment
1.Energy management and controlling system
2.Replace old central heating boilers by cascade of 10 HE boilers
3.HE lighting system with daylight and motion detection (winner Green Light Award 2003)
4.New refrigerating installation with 70% of free cooling
Business Model
Energy Performance Contract
Advice, design, financing, project management by Essent Energy Services
Contract costs: € 260 000
- government subsidy € 13 000
Guaranteed savings:
- heat 293 MWh/a; electricity: 150 MWh/a
Financing: 100 % ESCO
Sharing of extra savings: 50 % / 50 % to ESCO/Client
ESCO as a general contractor
Contract period 15 years
Contracts and Cash Flows
Lessons Learned, Innovations and Client’s Advantages
Take total care important for customer
Single point of  contract important for customer
No investment required by customer
Improvement inside climate
Reducing total operating costs with 4 %
Emission reduction 17 %

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